I am kind, nurturing and experienced.

I have three beautiful children all born in very different ways.

My journey is varied and has opened my eyes to the overwhelming need for support and love during and after birth.

Becoming a mother, either for the first time or subsequent times is the most strenuous, rewarding, challenging and empowering  experience you can ever have. To have a doula present to assist, guide and give friendship to you and your family at this time is invaluable.

Since giving birth I have realised and become passionate about the fact that women have choices when it comes to our bodies and how we want to give birth.

I can help you find the path that suits you. Help you find your voice to ensure your needs are met and that you have the birth most suited to you.

Non judgemental, loyal, unwavering support and care from an experienced mother is something every woman needs and deserves. I provide this in bucket loads!

Give me a call to see if I can provide the type of emotional, practical and informational support to make your birth and postnatal period as beautiful and stress free as possible.

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