My Services

I am a mentored doula with Nurturing Births.


A booking of a minimum of 20 hours is required. I charge £20 per hour.

I currently work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 10 to 3

The minimum hours a day you can book is 3 hours.

These visits include whatever would make life simpler for you.

I can do laundry, bring food over, tidy up, do light house work, bring you cups of tea while you feed baby.

I can hold baby while you shower or catch up on sleep.

I can entertain other children while you see to baby.

We can discuss any concerns you have, I can join to help you on your first 'trip out' with baby, accompany you to Drs appointments or baby check ups or just be a friendly ear while you get used to your new role as Mummy.

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